The Mazamas offers a robust hiking program to serve just about every ability level. We have leaders who like to take their time meandering along flat trails for a short duration, while other want to hike at a fast clip up the side of a mountain. You get to choose what is best for you!

Hike Schedule

Upcoming Mazama Hikes

HK B2 Jul 20 (Fri) Paradise Park Eric Hall 503-867-4738 or Wilderness—Limited 12. We will start our hike at 6000 feet. Heading west from Timberline Lodge, we will do some ups, do some downs, a couple of zigs, a couple of zags, a stream crossing or two, and arrive at the sprawling alpine meadows of Paradise Park. 12.1 mi., 2,300 ft., Drive 112, MMC 8 a.m. (WF,AR,MH,WO)

HK B2 Jul 21 (Sat) Cape Horn Brett Nair 503-847-9550. This is a new trail and one of the closest Gorge trails to the Portland-Vancouver metro area. It features gorgeous views, rocky crags, streams and two waterfalls. The trail is very well signed. There are both metal stakes and wooden signs at each junction. 7.1 mi., 1,350 ft., Drive 55, Gateway 8 a.m. MU (WF)MU

HK B2 Jul 22 (Sun) Silver Star Mountain (Grouse Vista) Ellen Burns 503-703-8907. Great views, wildflowers. Silver Star is a bald, exposed peak in Skamania County in Southwest Washington. It is one of the most prominent peaks visible on the northeastern horizon in Portland, and from places all over the Columbia River Gorge. 7.5 mi., 2,300 ft., Drive 70, Fisher 8 a.m. MU

DH A2 Jul 24 (Tue) Warrior Rock/Sauvie Island Don McCoy, 503-709-9306. Take a quiet, flat stroll out to the northern tip of Sauvie Island. You will be traveling through a state wildlife refuge and visiting the small Warrior Rock Light. Dogs will need to be on a leash. An ODFW pass will be needed and can be purchased at the Cracker Barrel Store. 6.8 mi., 10 ft., Drive 30, TH, Cracker Barrel Store, 15005 NW Sauvie Island Road 9 a.m.

HK C1.5 Jul 24 (Tue) Pre Hike to the Summit Hikes—Cooper Spur Mamiko Okada Wilderness—Limited 12. Pre Hike to the Summit Hikes! High Altitude training hike. From Cooper Spur Ski Resort at 3,800 ft., Tilly Jane Trail to Top of Cooper Spur Trail at 8,500 ft. 11 mi., 4,711 ft., Drive 180, TH, MMC 8 a.m. MU

HK B2 Jul 25 (Wed) Mt. Mitchell via Sugarloaf Trail Gary Riggs Join me on this interesting new way up Mt. Mitchell. This is an old, almost abandoned trail that steadily traverses up the west side of the mountain to intersect with the Sugarloaf Trail. If it’s a clear day, we’ll be rewarded with a spectacular view of Mt. St. Helens. Bring poles, as the beginning part of the trail is very steep. There is also a crossing of a talus slope. 7.5 mi., 2,200 ft., Drive 140, MMC 8 a.m. (AR)MU

HK A2 Jul 27 (Fri) Loowit Falls (Windy Ridge) Ellen Burns 503-703-8907. Hike to an area below the crater caused by the blast! In the heart of the Mt. St. Helens blast zone, the hike takes you through a dynamic, moon-like landscape of pumice planes, lava ridges, and rocky gash-like river channels, sweeping views of Mount St. Helens, and Spirit Lake. In spring and early summer, displays of lupine, Indian paintbrush, and pearly everlasting add unexpected color. In the late summer, families of mountain goats and herds of elk 8.8 mi., 800 ft., Drive 226, TH, 99th Street Transit Center (Vancouver) 8 a.m. (AR)MU

HK C2 Jul 28 (Sat) Devils Peak Lookout via Cool Creek. David Nelson Wilderness—Limited 12. This hike offers an excellent work out. We will hike up the Cool Creek trail to the old fire lookout. Have lunch, explore the lookout and enjoy the views before hiking back down. Views of Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams and Mt. Jefferson, if weather permits. Trekking poles a plus. Contact leader to sign up. 8.2 mi., 3,200 ft., Drive 84, TH, Gateway 7:30 a.m. (AR,MH)

HK A1.5 Jul 29 (Sun) Round Lake via Lacamas Creek Jim Selby 828-508-5094. Enjoy a leisurely evening hike in woods and trails that wander all over and include a powerful stream, cute lake, several waterfalls, and unusual flowers. We will be on the least crowded trails in this park. Most of the time you will not realize you are in the middle of Camas, Washington. Can be hiked in the rain just fine! 5.5 mi., 500 ft., Drive 30, Gateway 4 p.m. (WF)MU

HK C2 Jul 29 (Sun) Cascade Head-Harts Cove Ellen Burns 503-703-8907. Wonderful Iconic Oregon hike above the beach. Sometime we find an Elk Herd in residence. This is one of the truly amazing places on the Oregon Coast. It has spectacular views and his home to an endangered species of butterfly and at least two rare plants. 12.4 mi., 2,600 ft., Drive 182, Target/185th 8 a.m. MU

HK B2 Jul 30 (Mon) Saddle Mountain Sherry Bourdin 503-314-2911. Mountaintop views that reach from the Pacific Ocean to Mt. Hood await you on this steep climb to the top of a double-peaked summit of basalt. The upper part of the mountain is decorated with vast steep wildflower meadows in summer. 5.2 mi., 1,600 ft., Drive 96, TH, Target/185th 7:30 a.m. (AR)

HK C1.5 Jul 31 (Tue) Cook Hill Flora Huber 503-658-5710. Hike through hanging meadows of flowers and be rewarded with views of Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens. 6 mi., 3,000 ft., Drive 98, TH, MMC 9 a.m. (AR,GH)MU


August Hikes

HK B2 Aug 01 (Wed) Gnarl Ridge/Elk Meadows Loop Ellen Burns 503-703-8907. Beautiful meadow & great views. Wilderness—Limit 12. This is another way to get up to Gnarl Ridge, high up on Mt. Hood where you get great views of glaciers, and areas east and south. The other hike is Gnarl Ridge from Cloud Cap Hike. 10.2 mi., 2,400 ft., Drive 126, TH, MMC 8 a.m. (AR,MH,WO)MU

HK C2 Aug 01 (Wed) Silver Falls –Grand Perimeter Loop Larry Solomon Come see a part of Silver Falls State Park along a lollipop loop in the forested “backcountry” of Oregon’s largest state park. Enjoy plenty of switchbacks along mostly gentle slopes. Pass thru groves of ancient Douglas firs and cross several small creeks along the way. Head lamps required. $5 parking fee per vehicle. 16.8 mi., 2,470 ft., Drive 126, TH, MMC 7 a.m.

HK B1.5 Aug 03 (Fri) Dog Mountain Loop Kat Valdre Extremely popular (crowded) spring and summer hike when the Balsam Root is in bloom. We will take a slightly different route up via Augsburger Mountain trail to the summit and Dog Mountain trail down. No seasonal permits are required on Fridays! 8.4 mi., 2,800 ft., Drive 98, TH, MMC 8 a.m. (GH)MU

BP Aug 04 (Sat) Round Mt. St. Helens Rex Breunsbach 971-832-2556 or Take 3 days to backpack around Mt St. Helens. We will Camp at Climbers Bivouac, ready for an early Sunday start, returning on Tuesday evening. Space for 8 experienced backpackers only. Contact leader for details. .

HK C2 Aug 04 (Sat) Paradise Park (from Hwy 26) Gary Riggs Wilderness—Limit 12. This hike takes you up to and around Paradise Park, one of the most extensive and beautiful alpine areas on Mt. Hood. If you want to get a good impression of the different layers of climate/vegetation zones on the west slope of Mt. Hood, this lollipop loop hike takes you from typical lowland woodland through the montane forest zone and into subalpine parklands. 12.7 mi., 3,100 ft., Drive 100, TH, Gateway 8 a.m. (WF,MH,WO)

HK B2 Aug 05 (Sun) Hummocks to Johnston Ridge Ellen Burns 503-703-8907. Interesting hummocks, fabulous views, interesting Johnston Ridge. Wilderness—Limit 12. Mt. Saint Helens hike through an interesting area where hummocks formed after the blast, up a ridge to a great view point. 10.4 mi., 1,830 ft., Drive 180, TH, 99th Street Transit Center (Vancouver) 8 a.m. MU

HK C1.5 Aug 05 (Sun) Cooper Spur (Cloud Cap to Tie-In) Brett Nair 503-847-9550. Wilderness—Limit 12. This spectacular hike begins at the Cloud Cap trailhead, and quickly climbs to several soaring viewpoints above the spectacular Eliot Glacier en route to the rocky crest of Cooper Spur, the highest point on the mountain that can be reached by trail. The route also passes one of the surviving rustic stone shelters that once dotted the Timberline Trail. 6.4 mi., 2,800 ft., Drive 166, TH, Gateway 8 a.m. MU (AR,MH,WO)MU

HK A1.5 Aug 07 (Tue) Lewis River Falls Flora Huber 503-658-5710. A short, but premiere waterfall hike in the Gifford Pinchot. 6.6 mi., 320 ft., Drive 172, TH, Gateway 9 a.m. (WF)

HK B2.5 Aug 08 (Wed) Gnarl Ridge/Elk Meadows Loop Bob Breivogel 503-292-2940. Mt. Hood hike up Gnarl Ridge via Elk Meadows. Moderate pace with time for photos and occasional rest breaks. We should get great views of glaciers, and areas to east and south, along with nice wildflowers. 10.2 mi., 2,400 ft., Drive 126, TH, MMC 8 a.m. (WF,AR,MH,WO)

HK B2 Aug 09 (Thu) Indian Mountain via PCT Rex Breunsbach 971-832-2556 or Wilderness—Limit 12. Indian Mountain is a prominence and former lookout site on Waucoma Ridge, from the Wahtum Lake Trailhead using the Pacific Crest Trail. Great views of the gorge and Mt. Hood. 9 mi., 1200 ft., Drive 170, TH, MMC 8 a.m. (WO)

HK B2 Aug 10 (Fri) McNeil Point (Top Spur to Tie-In) Eric Hall 503-867-4738 or Wilderness—Limit 12. Up the Top Spur Trail to the Timberline Trail and around Bald Mountain with views of Mt. Hood’s west face. Hike along Bald Mountain Ridge, past alpine meadows and reflecting ponds, and on up to McNeil Point. 11 mi., 2,900 ft., Drive 100, TH, MMC 7:30 a.m. (AR,MH,WO)

HK A1.5 Aug 11 (Sat) Dry Creek Falls Jim Selby 828-508-5094. Recently reopened Dry Creek Falls is perfect for those who want a leisurely hike; still plenty to see in spite of the fires. We will park below the Bridge of the Gods, then take our time getting to the falls and back. Examples of how fickle forest fires can be with some areas spared and others devastated. 5.4 mi., 710 ft., Drive 78, TH, Gateway 7:30 a.m. (WF,AR,GH)MU

HK A1.5 Aug 14 (Tue) Wildcat Mountain (Douglas Trail) Flora Huber 503-658-5710. Wilderness—Limit 12. The Douglas Trail provides the shortest, fastest route into the western edge of the Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness, with nice views into the Eagle Creek Canyon, and ridgetop meadows and rock gardens within a short hike of the recently relocated Douglas Trailhead. 6.8 mi., 1200 ft., Drive 80, MMC 9 a.m. (MH,WO)

HK B2 Aug 15 (Wed) Kings Mountain Tony Spiering 503-680-8112. Nice woodsy hike in Coast Range with some elevation gain and views at the top. Back to town early PM. 5 mi., 2,500 ft., Drive 66, Target/185th 8 a.m.

HK A1 Aug 16 (Thu) Mirror Lake Flora Huber 503-658-5710. The Mirror Lake trail has the misfortune of being one of the few hikes accessible directly from Highway 26, and thus suffers a crush of visitors on weekends. The attention is well-deserved: the always well-graded trail takes you past a picture-postcard view of Mt. Hood and rugged Tom Dick and Harry Mountain, towering above Mirror Lake. (Trailhead moving soon to Ski Bowl area). 3 mi., 780 ft., Drive 98, MMC 9:30 a.m. (MH)

HK B2.5 Aug 17 (Fri) Olallie Lake Loop Hike William O’Brien Nice hike in the Olallie Lakes region, an area punctuated with subalpine lakes leftover from the glaciers. The highlight of this hike, besides hiking past numerous lakes, will be summitting both Potato Butte and Double Peak. Both offer great views of Mt Jefferson and Olallie Butte. There is climbing involved, so you need to be in good condition. 9 miles mi., 2200 ft., Drive 170, TH, MMC 8 a.m. (WO)MU

HK A1.5 Aug 18 (Sat) Twin Lakes Kelly Marlin or 503-665-6778. Classic Mt. Hood area hike visits both Upper and Lower Twin Lakes. Swimming anyone?? No dogs. 5.6 mi., 860 ft., Drive 100, TH, Cherry Park Shopping Center (Park between Safeway and U S Bank) 9 a.m.

HK A2 Aug 19 (Sun) Urban Gems: Salmon Creek and Burnt Bridge Jim Selby 828-508-5094. Two urban trails that work for evening hikes. We will do Burnt Bridge trail first from the West end, waterfowl and many birds, to Leverich Park and return. Then we will drive two miles north to Salmon Creek and catch the sun hitting Mt. Hood as we hike from the West end, up Cougan Creek, and return. Can be hiked in any kind of weather. 7.5 mi., 200 ft., Drive 40, Gateway 3:30 p.m. MU

HK A2 Aug 20 (Mon) Ramona Falls loop Ellen Burns 503-703-8907. Challenging Sandy River Crossing x 2 to a beautiful waterfall. Wilderness—Limit 12. A mostly level hike brings us to the Sandy River. There is no bridge, so we need to be extremely careful in crossing. Most people cross on the logs by scooting on their behinds. Then some elevation as we hike on to the beautiful falls for lunch and contemplation. Lush green foliage along the stream on the loop back to another crossing of the Sandy River. 7.3 mi., 1,100 ft., Drive 92, TH, MMC 8 a.m. MU

DH A2 Aug 21 (Tue) Hardy Creek Loop Hike Don McCoy, 503-709-9306. We will start at the Equestrian Trailhead and hike up the Upper Hardy Trail to the Bridge Trail. We will follow the Bridge Trail down to the East Hardy Trail which connects back to the Equestrian Trail, which we will take back to the parking lot. Leashed well behaved dogs are welcome. 7.04 mi., 1,004 ft., Drive 88, StatePark, MMC 9 a.m.

HK A2 Aug 21 (Tue) Harry’s Ridge Flora Huber 503-658-5710. Named for the lovable curmudgeon who refused to leave his homestead when St. Helens was on the brink of erupting, Harry’s Ridge offers a fascinating panorama of the restless giant, still smoking and belching occasionally, years after her devastating awakening. 8 mi., 1,000 ft., Drive 226, TH, MMC 8:30 a.m.

HK B2 Aug 22 (Wed) Gales Creek to Bell Camp Tony Spiering 503-680-8112. Nice Hike mostly along Gales Creek in the Coast range. Generally nice and cool if warm in the Valley. 10.1 mi., 1,200 ft., Drive 50, Target/185th 8 a.m.

HK B2 Aug 26 (Sun) Potato Butte Ellen Burns 503-703-8907. Lunch with a view, beautiful lakes. We will pass by pristine lakes as we hike a rocky trail to Potato Butte for lunch with a view. Very enjoyable! 7.2 mi., 1,700 ft., Drive 168, TH, Gateway 8 a.m. MU

HK B2.5 Aug 29 (Wed) Fort to Sea Trail, Lewis & Clark Bob Breivogel The Fort To Sea Trail starts from Visitor Center at Fort Clatsop. The first two miles take you up a gentle climb to the top of Clatsop Ridge, where you can see through the trees to the ocean. Descend through deep woods to wooded pasture with small lakes. Then utilize a tunnel under U.S. Highway 101 and on to the beach. Optional pick up at Sunset Transit center (call leader first). 12.7 mi., 1,000 ft., Drive 164, Target/185th 9 a.m.